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Saturday 07th October 2023

No Beer or Bread for the Year Ahead

Ian Few and his one man mission

No Beer or Bread for the Year Ahead

All my friends know how much I love alcohol, bread, crisps and chocolate, so I have decided to give up all of them for a year - from 7th October 2023 to 7th October 2024.  It seemed a good idea to support two charities close to my heart at the same time.

I've supported Molly Olly's Wishes for many years. My mother died from Parkinson's, and I'm keen to support a charity there too.  In both cases I want to raise as much as I can, and hopefully, there'll be a bit less of me to love by the end.

All donations will automatically be split 50/50 between the charities.

Ian's Little Ditty

In a world of canvas and sturdy stakes,
Stands Ian Few, a man of bold fates.
A marquee master, his job well-known,
Yet burdened by weight, a challenge is sown.

Too fat, he says, with a determined gaze,
Embarking on a journey, changing his ways.
Tents rise and fall, like dreams in the night,
A transformation sought, a daunting delight.

No more the ale, the chocolate, the bread,
He bids them farewell, a farewell well-said.
In the crisp silence, a resolve takes flight,
Ian Few's quest for a healthier light.

The gym's iron embrace, a daily regime,
Lifting the burdens, like a hopeful dream.
Two and a half stones, a mountain to climb,
A year unfolds, measured in pant sizes.

A call to arms, a plea in the air,
Ian asks for support, for those who care.
Donations to charity, a noble cause,
Lending a hand, applause and applause.

In the sweat of the gym, determination brews,
Like a stormy sea, where strength renews.
Through the echoes of cravings, the struggle within,
Ian Few battles, a fight to begin.

So here's to Ian, a hero in the making,
In tents and marquees, his spirit awakening.
Through selfless pursuits, a journey profound,
In the quest for health, where dreams are found.

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