Charity FAQ

How can I see payments that have been made to us?

We provide a monthly charity statement facility where charities can log in and securely download details of the funds we have transferred to them. Please contact us for more information.

When are donations paid?

Currently Charities Trust makes fundraising payments to charities once a month, around the 15th of each month.

Where will you send the payment?

Charities need to have at least a bank account registered with us so we can process donations. We have a verification process for these details when a donor first request to add your charity to the site.

How can I reconcile the payments you've made?

We provide a monthly charity statement facility where charities can log in and securely download details of the funds we have transferred to them. This will include fundraiser details, where consent has been given for you to contact them so you can thank them. 

Does Sponsor Me collect Gift Aid?

Yes – whenever someone makes a donation or sponsors a friend we’ll ask if they’re eligible for Gift Aid.

If they are and agree to claim Gift Aid, we’ll reclaim the Gift Aid from HMRC.

When do you pay Gift Aid?

Charities Trust will claim Gift Aid on all eligible donations and pass the funds to you after we have received the claimed funds from HMRC.

How long will it take to receive donations made through Sponsor Me?

Once the closing date for sponsorship for your event has passed it will no longer be able to receive donations and will be automatically shut down.

Any eligible Gift Aid will be processed and claimed, and payments will be made to your charity. The time taken for charities to receive donations will vary depending on whether we hold the charity bank details, which will need verifying for charities new to Charities Trust.

Funds raised using your Sponsor Me event will be paid to the charity automatically in the form of a BACS transfer.

Where can I find out about Sponsor Me’s fees?

There is no cost associated with setting up a Sponsor Me page.

Our costs are covered by an administration fee of which 4% of funds raised, which is deducted before the monies are transferred to charities.

This fee covers all costs of providing the Sponsor Me service including the bank processing charges for credit and debit cards.

As Sponsor Me is run on a not-for profit basis, the fees charged only ever go towards maintaining and improving our website and our service for our customers.

Donation Example

Initial Donation:

Donation = £50

Potential Gift Aid = £12.50

Total potential Donation = £62.50

Fees Charged:

Donation processing (4% of £50) = £2.00

Gift Aid processing (4% of £12.50) = £0.50

Total Fees = £2.50

Actual Donation:

Donation minus fee = £48.00

Gift Aid minus fee = £12.00*

Total Donation value = £60.00

*Once the money has been received from the HMRC we will then pay the appropriate charity(ies).

Payments to charities

Our standard practice is to pay charities via BACS as this is the most cost-effective way to make payments. We do not normally pay charities by cheque due to the high costs of processing. However, where we have been unable to pay a charity by BACS, we may issue a cheque but this will be subject to an additional processing charge (currently £2.50 per cheque) which will be deducted from the funds raised.