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On the 28th of January 2015, Shalu Touraney was met with the devastating news of her diagnosis - an experience too many have gone through. Initially, the group of doctors consulting her case were reluctant to prescribe any treatment; they believed that her Colorectal Cancer was advanced but, nevertheless, she had the chance to be cured. Influenced by her fighting spirit, they did not give up on her because they could see that she wasn’t giving up on herself.

Despite Shalu’s long and arduous struggle, she was thankful for the personalised, professional, high quality, private healthcare she received. Over 6 years, she had 5 major surgeries (most were over 12 hours-long), 8 radio ablations, 2 vein embolisations, 10 radiation sessions and over 50 cycles of chemotherapy. In her honour, and by her last wish, we are fundraising to support those who continue to fight against cancer but are not as fortunate to receive such compassionate, reliable and timely care.

Shalu requested that the funds be distributed amongst some of the most prominent institutions that impacted her journey, places where we could really make a difference. These include the Royal Free Charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie.

Shalu endured more pain than anyone could ever imagine, but she never complained. Recalling how she sat for one chemotherapy session after another, struck by nausea and overpowered by the discomfort of the dreaded cold cap treatment, Shalu’s heart would automatically go out to the other patients around her. She expressed her gratitude for not having to undergo chemotherapy alone, wait weeks for NHS approval or a free bed.

After a six and a half year battle, this foundation is in loving memory of our beloved Shalu, who left us on the 6th of April 2021. She was a beautiful soul, devoted wife, doting mother, dutiful daughter, loving sister and sister-in-law, selfless aunt and a loyal friend to many. She was and always will be someone who smiled endearingly, brightening up every room she entered and spreading joy wherever she went. Her illness was brutal and her fight was tough, but her struggle was always with a smile.

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