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Your Donation

Gift Aid

Gift Aid allows UK charities to claim back the basic rate tax already paid on donations by donor if they are a UK Tax payer. This means we can claim back from the government on your behalf 25p for every £1 donated, boosting the value of the donation by a quarter.

Gift Aid
By claiming Gift Aid connected to your donation you are confirming that:
  • The organisation receiving the donation is a charity registered with the English Charity Commission, Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, Charity Commission of Northern Ireland or exempt from registration for Charities Trust to reclaim Gift Aid on their behalf.
  • You are a UK taxpayer, in accordance with the requirements of the Gift Aid scheme
  • The donation consists solely of your own money and does not include funds donated by others, eg. a group of friends of team at work
  • The donation does not comprise the proceeds from the sale of goods or provision of services – eg. a charity auction or cake sale
  • You are not sponsoring a relative who has received a contribution towards their event costs – eg. the donor is fundraising overseas and the charity has paid for their travel
  • You will not receive a benefit from making the donation in accordance with the requirements of the Gift Aid scheme
Do you wish to claim gift aid on this donation

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The charity/ies you donate to may want to keep in touch with updates about news, events and fundraising activities. They can only do this if you consent by selecting your preferred option/s below. If no boxes are ticked no contact information will be shared:

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